Tuesday, 22 August 2017

5 of my 12 Nations for the mega RRtK semi-Historical solo Campaign.

Castellian Army. Based on my original historical El Cid Spanish. Not much changed with this one. Mostly Undisciplined troops & weak missile units.
Caliphate Army. An amalgam of many Muslim Armies of the El Cid period. Another of my Historical pair. I am in the process of dividing them up into 3 distinct Armies, the Almohads (including al-Andalus) in the West, the Seljuqs in the East, with the Ayyubid Sultanate in the centre, all part of the mighty Muslim Empire in my alternate timeline.
The Brethren. Based on the Teutonic Knights in Livonia with some Fanatic Red Brethren & Acolytes but plenty of Order foot soldiers as well as Subject Foot & Light Horse.
The Golden Horde. Mongol invasion army. Note Chinese Levy Foot on their Left & the Rocket Launcher in the centre. [I'm probably on a watch list after googling Muslim Caliphates & Chinese Rocket Launchers...]
Altengard Army. Based (very) loosely on the Holy Roman Empire, famous for being neither Holy, Roman or an Empire. Relying on lots of Mercenaries (Swiss Pikes & Hand-Gonnes, Brabançon Spears & Crossbows, Bohemian Light Cavalry) so plenty of potential for skulduggery if the Mercenaries decide to go on strike or even make a bid for power.

With the Caliphate army split into 3 Nations, that actually makes 7 down, 5 to go.

I have started my "Polish" army, bringing Winged Hussars forward in my universe to fight alongside Tabors (I LOVE Warwagons!) & Dual Armed Town Militia with Pavise. Also got plenty of Longbows in to start my "English" Voulgiers for my "French" more Pikes for my "Papal States" (can't wait for an anti-Pope to rise up...) & still searching for the right figures for my pre-gunpowder "Muscovy". Once they are all in place, with a basic 200pts army plus whatever the first Recruitment Rolls bring up, I'll post pics & get the Campaign proper underway. The idea is to re-roll for Recruitment every year & paint up what is needed before commencing so I can start asap & build up the armies as I go.

After that: finish my 6 Nations Maurice War of the Austrian Succession armies (if I live that long)

Monday, 14 August 2017

I am also very happy with my new terrain, both how it is generated & how I have actualised it.

Using 10mm figures has its advantages in that I can use a smaller board for most games.
For RRtK it is 3'x3' & a defender can choose which of the 4 sides to deploy on. Of course, the attacker may refuse, trying to outflank you, but if he does so too many times, he will forfeit his attack & reduce his National Morale - not a good thing to do.
The basic 3'x3'
3D terrain pieces. They do not have to be pretty, just reasonably precise in their measurements.
The bare bones of a terrain selection with a Gulley in the left foreground & right background, a River running through it & a few hills, one quite high, giving 5 seperate levels (count 'em)
The same table, dressed with a Cigar Box Battlemat & with Woods, Impassable Rocky Ground & the actual blue River adorning the field, plus 2 or 3 fields for show, in this case.
The Brethren prepare to resist the onslaught of the Golden Horde as they sweep across the River.

Not too bad, huh?

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Rally Round the King

I have completed my article for Lone Warrior about my search for the best solo experience
(Spoiler Alert: it's Two Hour Wargames' Rally Round the King) & hope it will be out in September.

In the meantime, here's some pics of my units in action.
This is a selection of the things a Casting Group of Magic Users could try to Summon. 
From left to right: Ghostly Warriors from the Past, foot & mounted (suitably enshrouded in fog) Undead Skeletons & behind them a couple of Major Demons, all being faced by one very brave (foolish) Hero, one Ragnar the Red. (soon renamed the Red-Faced)
The Guild of Artillery, keepers of the secret of gunpowder, hire out their Cannon to whoever will pay.
They have you over a barrel...
A clash of ideologies. The Golden Horde attack across the river to take on the Brethren. 
A selection of those for hire at the Spring Market. Varangian Warriors (yes, they ARE viking types with horned helmets! This IS fantasy, after all) Mercenary Pikemen & the new-fangled Hand-Gonnes. You might also pick up one or more Magic Users (depending on your Tech & Mana Level & a random roll) or, if you are really lucky, a handsome Hero all of your own - swoon!
A very large Caliphate Army, with many Mercenaries prepares to advance on the enemy.
Ragnar the Red & Cucillian the White engage in Heroic Combat before the battle. Macho or what?
Earlier in the day, they had enjoyed a picnic. Then work got in the way.
When shall we three meet again (boys only night) as 3 Magic Users meet outside the pub.

More to come...

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Rip Van Winkle

Well, I just woke up after 4 years & remembered I had started this blog. I kind of fell by the wayside as I realised the limitations of this particular system (or maybe my own, I am not particularly computer savvy).

I have not, however, been asleep in the world of wargames. In fact, I have undergone an epiphany or two, which I hope to write about here soon, if I can reconcile myself to the limitations I am working under.

I am converting to 10mm for most of my wargames requirements & branching out somewhat.

I bought 1,000 red dice for Die Fighting as well as French & British/Portuguese for the Peninsular War in 10mm.

I discovered the joys of Maurice for my C18th Century needs, space & cost being paramount, I have embarked on a 10mm building programme. Atm I have Spanish vs Austrians in Italy for the Austrian War of Succession (French & Pragmatic Armies to follow, I hope, then Prussian, Russian & Ottoman!).

The most significant change is that my quest for the "perfect" solo wargames (battles & campaigns) has been successful (in my opinion, anyway) & I have built up 10mm armies for Rally Round the King. I have 4 so far & have ambitions for many more. Today, I finished the first year of my campaign & look forward to what next year will bring.

All of these new ventures have had a great effect on my terrain building. Not just lots of new techniques for BUAs etc. but  a radical, new (for me) system for generating & presenting terrain in 3D. My tables now feature gullies/depressions, hills, cliffs & rocky ground, rivers, lakes & sea shores, all inset into the terrain, with woods, roads etc on top. I think it looks the bees' bollocks & is a dream to play over.

You'll have to take my word for this atm as I am busy running & playing the campaign as well as writing up an article for Lone Warrior about my Damascene conversion to RRtK.

I am having the best time of my wargaming life right now. As soon as I get a free hour or so, I'll post text & pics on all these things & hope to be able to keep up a regular commentary on "how i wargame".


Monday, 8 July 2013

While I'm thinking about BUA here's some more pics, this time of my Sudanese BUA


 Romans defend a villa from Campanian invaders
 King of Kings leads his army past a Persian farm
It's all Greek to me

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hordes in the Trenches test game with 3D trenches

The Set Up


Left flank 18AP
GOC Fritz Zekatte
4 Rifles
1 MG
1 Sniper
1 Observation Balloon
1 Field Gun

Right Flank 18AP
2-i-C Helmut von Morrison
2 Rifles
2 Sturmtruppe
1 MG
1 Mortar

Reinforcements 8AP
2 Sturmtruppe
1 Rifle


Right Flank 19AP
GOC Sir Thomas Cholmondley-Smythe VC, CDM
4 Rifles
1 Trench Raiders
1 MG
1 Mortar

Left Flank 29AP
2-i-C Brigadier General Bunny Warren GCSE (Failed)
4 Rifles
1 MG
1 Trench Raider
1 Observation Balloon
3 Gas
2 Barrage

Reinforcements 8AP
4 Rifles

The Battle

Fritz took the first bound & rolled a 6 so his reinforcement column arrived straight away & was directed to the left to join his GOC 

Tommy countered with a dash for the ruins on their right with support moving into the shell-pocked rough in front of the trenchline.
1 British right moves into the ruin & shell-holes

The British 2-i-C had charge of the Reserve Artillery & successfully called up a Barrage on the German 2-i-C's HQ in the trenches but von Morrison was made of stern stuff & weathered the storm. However, having read his Shakespeare, he preferred to discretely (but valourously) move his lodgings to the next section of trench. However the Barrage unerringly followed this movement causing a recoil further down the trench, dangerously crowding the German right.

2 German Battalion HQ comes under fire

Fortunately British fire here was just as ineffective as on the other flank. On the British right it settled down to a firefight which was dominated by the Germans, firmly ensconced – as they would be for most of the battle – in their trenches. The German Field Gun was brought into action but made little impression on the British in their shell-holes. German reinforcements trudged towards the front line.
On the German right von Morrison was worried about the imminent assault so ordered his 2 Sturmtruppe companies to go over the top in an effort to outflank it. However a second British Barrage was called on in front of the wire which cut off such a manouevre.

3 Sturmtruppe go over the top but come under intense fire 

Now in position, Tommy made coordinated attacks on the extreme flanks of the trenchline.

4 Assault on the German Left

5 Assault on the German Right

On their right they were repulsed with losses but on their left they managed to gain a foothold in the trench, although their supports were repulsed. (British reinforcements would be automatically brought on next bound) With his left secure, Fritz diverted his reinforcements to the right in an effort to stem the British advance while von Morrison sent his Sturmtruppe column to skirt around the Barrage & he left the trench to the rear to coordinate a counter-attack on the British there which succeeded, driving them out & retaking the line. 
The success of the British Barrage kept the German defence piecemeal but when a second wave assaulted the trench it was repulsed.

6 German right under pressure 

British reinforcements deployed out in the centre with nothing between them & the unnocupied centre except the Sturmtruppe column skirting the Barrage. Von Morrison had persuaded the MG & Mortar to leave the trench to try to give flanking fire on the British assault but was soon in danger from both British Barrages.
Bunny Warren (his infantry emulating his monicker by digging in like rabbits) decided to unleash Gas, which was inconclusive on the German right but took out a MG on their left.

7 An attack of Gas

8 This one worked
 The Gas blew back towards the British lines & a counter-attack on the trench was repulsed leaving a British company in possession.

9 It's an ill wind.... 

The British pulled back their stalled attack on their right, instead concentrating with the reinforcements against the Sturmtruppe in the centre. A Barrage took out the exposed Mortar while the Gas had no effect on the lone German company stubbornly holding on to the trenchline while reinforcements slowly made their way to their aid.
The German left edged towards the centre leaving 2 companies to hold against the Brits in the ruin & shell-holed ground. On the other flank the Germans finally dislodged the British foothold only to have a second British company descend on their rear but the fighting was inconclusive.
In the centre, the Sturmtruppe were outflanked & outnumbered in the open & destroyed & the Barrage took out the German MG also in the open.

10 British reinforcements deploy to encircle Sturmtruppe
11Crunch time for the Sturmtruppe

A combination of a counter-attack & Gas dropping into their rear took out the second British foothold leaving the Germans in (sparse) possession of the trenchline while the British second line held in the shell holes to its front.
Finally, the Gas dispersed & British massed their attack on the undefended centre & pressed the right.

12 The centre cannot hold 

12 The right's not doing so well either

Fritz's left flank units moved along the trench to oppose the British attack while von Morrison tried to shore up their defences on the left.
The British forced entry into the centre trenches destroying all opposition & the Barrage intensified taking out the first of the reinforcements while an epic struggle ensued as Fritz Zekatte, the German GOC led a column against the 3rd British foothold, pushing it back along the trench while the German Field Gun thundered overhead.
Alas! too many Brits…. Trench Raiders moved up to engage & the Barrage crossed to trench to zone the reinforcing Sturmtruppe but, miraculously, the Germans won & continued to push the Brits along the trench but in doing so left a gap behind them which the British duly filled. The Trench Raiders destroyed the General's supporting Rifles but he kept on pushing his opponents along the trench.
However, mounting casualties pushed the Germans to 50% so they conceded the battle.

14 Ok, enough's enough!

The Debrief

This was a hard fight & the outcome was in the balance several times. The Brits rolled better overall & managed to get elements where they were most needed. They took various parts of the trench several times (count `em) before overwhelming the defenders, whose reinforcements didn't really play any part in the battle due to indecision of where to place them whilst the British reinforcments made the centre assault, which took the game, possible. The heroic German Commander fought well but ultimately, his losses told.

Game took 3 hours to play but that included taking pictures & writing it up as the action developed.