Thursday, 21 June 2012

Told you it'd be slow ;(

I've been experimenting with a new trench system based on modules with trenches cut into the landscape. As soon as I have something concrete to photograph, they'll be added.

Also going great guns on the ECW Regiment of Foote  stuff. Again, pics to follow.

Further, I've decided to do a finite campaign in 15mm for fantasy - only humans (ie no dwarves, elves or orcs) but with magical stuff added, so Magicians & nasty stuff that can be summoned.
This has been prompted by an article on Mapless Campaign Cards & the decision that I can no longer subscribe to never-ending projects.

I want rules that give me a good game in 2 hours & armies that will not break the bank. I'll get back to you with the details.

That being said, I chose Colonials as a period because I wanted to field the good old British Redcoat. Unfortunately, I got interested in the Mahdist Wars - nary a redcoat in sight!
However, my erstwhile wargames opponent Zach has begun to build up both sides for the Zulu War so I guess we'll be redcoating it enough soon.

Only games I've been getting recently are Hordes of the Empire Mahdists & I'm happy to say that Dave the Drum, who had been getting way too smug with an unbeaten record since we began, got stuffed 3 times in a row by yours truly. Just got to coax Zulu Zach out to have a go.