Regiment of Foote

I once had large armies in 25mm - mostly Hinchliffe with some Minigigs & Essex but sold them for some magic beans when I fled the country some time ago.

Peter Pig's Regiment of Foote  seem to be the sort of rules I look for. Historical but fun to play, especially with their trademark pre-battle campaign system which really sets the scene for each battle as well as raises a smile or two along the way. They also make some pretty nice figures, see but I also use other manufactures. The first regiment to be painted up was a purchase I made some 15 years ago from Matchlock Miniatures, sold primarily by Minifigs

Since then I have started to collect Peter Pig 15mm (with some Irregular, Matchlock & Essex) & intend one fine day to play the Pig's stonking Regiment of Foote rules, complete with their trademark pre-battle campaign system & markers denoting status - Go, Pig!

Pics as soon as I can get 'em. In the meantime, here's the only unit I have painted - Matchlock figs bought some time ago & forgotten until recently.
The Blues defend the line
Men outstanding in their field

Regiment of Foote rules only call for 3 or 4 figs per base, but it just don't look right to me - My pike companies look like they could do some damage, I reckon & 15mm figs are cheap enough to splurge on what's important. Most regiments in these rules are only 4 or 5 bases strong so I went for the look of the thing as always. Make up your own mind - below is the same regiment bases as the Pig suggests.

 However, I still think my basing system is better - this 7 base Parliamentarian Regt is ready to kick ass!
 Close up on pikes
 and Muskets
These Peter Pig figures just seem to paint themselves!

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