Fire & Fury

Still, for my money, the best ACW rules out there - I just don't play 'em enough, probably due to having spent a couple of weeks rebasing 2 entire armies & not quite finishing them off....

Fire & Fury feels right to me for ACW. Haven't done any in a while but this blog will get me motivated to get stuff done, hopefully.

I started off with loads of Minifigs then Essex but was heavily into Polly Oliver (what happened to them?) before I temporarily stopped collecting ACW

F&F needs a larger table than I can manage but, as I have opted for Peter Pig's standard 5' x 3' table & adopted "short inch" rulers (basically, measuring sticks calibrated to 2/3" segments) I now have the equivalent of 7.5' x 4.5' & can happily secede from the Union. is a good group for discussion & research. I still plan (in my deranged mind)  Risorgimento armies using the F&F variant Fire & Furia Franchese. I can dream, can't I?

Rebs assault the hill
Union Corps Commander stiffens the line
Rebs push on
Union line stands firm
Rebs get stuck in

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