Hordes of the Things

If you've never heard of these rules - where have you been?!
This is the set of rules that revolutionised my wargames. Because I no longer have access to the 12' x 6' tables of my youth, being able to play on a 3' x 3' for much of my gaming has been a blessing. There is talk of a v3.0 sometime in the not too distant - I just hope they don't mess it up too much....

In the meantime, you can download the latest version free from http://www.wrg.me.uk/WRG/wrgindex.html
Just scroll down to HotT download & away you go, & there is a forum for HotT at
http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/HOTT/join which I have found to be a real shot in the arm.
Rohan: Eomer rallies the Eored
Hordes of the Things fits the bill nicely for our Middle-Earth games.
I have made it my mission to find non-GW figures for our Lord of the Rings games at a fraction of the price & looking, in my opinion, more the thing.

Mirliton is a good source. The following beasties were, I think, from them.
Witch King of Angmar on Fell Beast
Wolf attack
I got my Rohirrim (sorry! that's copywrite, I mean "Horse Lords of the Realm) figures from Black Tree before the ranges were sold on & the good stuff seems to have disappeared - I know the moulds are out there somewhere, just gotta find them...

Riders of Rohan - mostly Knights in HotT
Britain's Zoo animals provided the Mumakil. I used the Indian elephant as it was the only one available & is already "grey as a mouse, big as a house" but the African variant does look more fierce.
The rhubarb will grow well next year...
Reaper do some good one-offs as the Warg (Werewolf) figures show. Grimbeorn Bearman came from.... can't remember, I'll get back to you.
Battle of the beasties
Mirliton also do Giant Eagles for Flyers but I went to Britain's again for my Gwahir, Wind Lord, Aerial Hero & with a bit of pruning (he comes sitting on a rock) got him airborne & battle ready.
Gwahir & flock
I'm not paid by Mirliton, but they do some nice figures - here's Radagast the Brown & some Wood Elves.
Radagast & friends at the bird fancier's club
Mirliton again with the Fellowship plus Gollum
24AP of mayhem
Treebeard, a rare GW purchase - my mate Dave bought it -  & lesser Ents from....er, I'll have to check that, too...
Oi! MacBeth! Did that wood just move?
Yet more Mirliton from their Border Reivers range plus a handler.

Cry, Havoc! & let loose the dogs of war!

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