Bloody Barons

I have tinkered with this period for sooooo long & not been satisfied until I came across Peter Pig's Bloody Barons. Something about their irreverent approach & unique systems captured my imagination, especially their pre-battle campaign which I think is brilliant!

I recently rebased all my figures (Minifigs, Essex & others I can't remember) for Peter Pig's Bloody Barons. I was a bit disappointed that I could only raise 1 Large 850 point army (you must field an 850 or a 650 point army for attack & defence with BB somewhat at variance with my HotT mentality & stated aims of small armies on small battlefields but, what the hell? Why should I be consistent?...) but look forward to buying some PP figs to beef up the opposition.

I particularly like the Pig's penchant for marker bases to show status of units & have enjoyed painting up these vignettes - pics to follow soon, I hope.

 I don't have any pictures of my recently rebased for BB WoR armies so I'll just give you some old ones for the time being.

In the meantime, here's something I prepared earlier......

Is this where the nobs hang out?

one tiny corner of my late, lamented 12' x 6' purpose built table with  shelves below for reinforcements & cupboards at each end for storage in my wargames room. Not that I'm bitter, you understand......  
Arrayed for battle

Can you smell fish?

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