BUA modules

You'll have to decide how big you want to make these depending on the rules you are using & what you need to represent. I have each module able to hold 4 bases = 1 unit of Infantry either inside or outside of the actual buildings - they all count as in the BUA - & it's possible to render the BUA a ruin in the style of Charles Grant's the Wargame.

Here's my latest addition - an isolated BUA which is a Farmhouse

Having worked out the area of my BUA I sketch in the building areas & make sure it can accomodate 4 bases then out line the ruins which will be inside the shell of the building. Note the barn is a little too long so I have inserted permanently fixed ruins there to take up the space.
Then I add the removable ruins - these are not strictly necessary, I just like 'em.
then I build up the shells around the ruin outline adding a basic card roof to be tiled later. Note I have already pencilled in the area to be taken up by the wall surrounding the BUA to make sure I can still fit in the bases.
I can be lazy at times so I added "stone cladding" from railway sheets
not forgetting the roof tiles - see elsewhere on this blog for details
add filler, paint & flock & you have a Farmhouse module

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