Thursday, 10 August 2017

Rally Round the King

I have completed my article for Lone Warrior about my search for the best solo experience
(Spoiler Alert: it's Two Hour Wargames' Rally Round the King) & hope it will be out in September.

In the meantime, here's some pics of my units in action.
This is a selection of the things a Casting Group of Magic Users could try to Summon. 
From left to right: Ghostly Warriors from the Past, foot & mounted (suitably enshrouded in fog) Undead Skeletons & behind them a couple of Major Demons, all being faced by one very brave (foolish) Hero, one Ragnar the Red. (soon renamed the Red-Faced)
The Guild of Artillery, keepers of the secret of gunpowder, hire out their Cannon to whoever will pay.
They have you over a barrel...
A clash of ideologies. The Golden Horde attack across the river to take on the Brethren. 
A selection of those for hire at the Spring Market. Varangian Warriors (yes, they ARE viking types with horned helmets! This IS fantasy, after all) Mercenary Pikemen & the new-fangled Hand-Gonnes. You might also pick up one or more Magic Users (depending on your Tech & Mana Level & a random roll) or, if you are really lucky, a handsome Hero all of your own - swoon!
A very large Caliphate Army, with many Mercenaries prepares to advance on the enemy.
Ragnar the Red & Cucillian the White engage in Heroic Combat before the battle. Macho or what?
Earlier in the day, they had enjoyed a picnic. Then work got in the way.
When shall we three meet again (boys only night) as 3 Magic Users meet outside the pub.

More to come...

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