Monday, 23 October 2017

Summer Hols! Brilliant!!

Back now, so more wargames shenanigans...

I got into WW2 with Peter Pig's Abteilung & enjoyed those rules but needed to be able to play solo so went for THW Nuts! Big Battles. Actually a Company level game so unlikely to have more than a Battalion per side anyway...

Any road up... here's a few pics of last night's face-to-face game. Lots of questions for THW forum but overall quite happy with the rules. Of course, I will have to tinker with them somewhat...

The German attack from their Left. They had dithered instead of immediately attacking the ruined village on their Right & baulked at traversing the woods on their Left whilst causing congestion in their Centre, down the road.
 The British counter-attack swarmed across the hill to be halted by enemy fire.
A Troop of Pumas sweep around to stall the British advance. Brits forced to flee from sandbagged positions by overwhelming enemy fire. Plenty more occupying the ruins, though...
Pz IVs in the foreground ready themselves for an attack on the ruined village which was eventually successful as their infantry stormed the buildings, forcing the Brits out.
German Left turns in on itself to meet the British counter-attack. The Bocage proves difficult to negotiate.

All in all, not a bad game but fraught with questions. I am still struggling to adapt my Abteilung orbats & basing to Nuts! BB but will persevere. As far as I can, I am determined to make as many periods as possible Solo-friendly & thus more readily available to me at any time of the day or week.

I will return to this period/ruleset.

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